making pizza

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Last night was fabulous. Around 25 people throughout the night. Fresh pizza making the street smell delicious- we had all the windows open.. the oven gets the place heated! What a great group of folks to share such a historic night with. The whole night was a blur, bouncing form one conversation to another, monitoring the pizza making and cooking…. Laura made an amazing Obama cake, too! I tried to take photos to document the night, but stopped about mid-way. Its always a bit confusing to be the host of a party. Checking on everyone, making sure you’ve offered food an drinks, trying to remember people’s names, introducing people and just overall being pleasant. Oh, and making sure nothing spills, nothing burns, nothing breaks of course. But despite the fact that we probably had more people than our has has seen, it wasn’t a stressful night at all! Just a really great time. Thanks to everyone who made it out. It was awesome to listen to Obama’s speech surrounded by friends. The future of our country is exciting.