Ok. So first of all, I have to say, I could care less about baseball. Whats that you say? The Phillies are in the world series? (Wait, but isn’t it just American teams… whats world about that?) Ok ok, I get it. As a Philadelphian, I should be psyched. But frankly I just don’t care one way or the other. However- tonight I had a meeting about the documentary I am working on. We went to a panel discussion first, and it ended later than we thought. Closest, fastest place to get some food and talk doc was a recently opened sports bar. We sat, we talked, we covered our ears when the crowd cheered at outs and runs. Then we got ready to leave, and it was the 9th inning. Two outs. Ok, Ok. We both realized it was a monumental time in Philadelphia sports history. So we stayed for the last out. A strike out. Must suck to be that batter. And as we left, the oddest thing happened. A flow of people, all heading East. Cheering, yelling, honking of horns. But where were they going? It reminded me of this recording from one of the InRadio cds… about a man who wakes up late at night and sees a line of people walking. He joins in to find out where they are all going, but as he walks, becomes part of the crowd. (I think its from InRadio 9, all the wine- P.S. Mueller’s “a world of night”, but my disc drive isn’t working, so I can’t check) They walk through the night, in lines, never arriving anywhere and never reaching the day.

Ok, so the Phillies crowd wasn’t quite as mysterious. But I found myself pulled along with the crowd. I asked some kids where they were going. “City Hall”  why? “The Phillies won!” Yeah, but why are you going to city hall? (confused why I had to ask) “to celebrate” Oh. of course. Because city hall is blocked off at night. That makes sense. I rode down Market with the crowds screaming and cheering. Yup, city hall was blocked off. And PACKED. Kind of exciting. Until I started to head South. Couldn’t move. People walking in the street, cars not paying attention to lights. The novelty wore off.

But yeah. A part of Philadelphia history. woo.