I’ve been knitting away square(ish) pieces for my blanket, and finally tonight I took the time to sew some of them in. Finishing projects is so frustrating. I just see all the loose yarn pieces, and have no idea how I am going to tuck them all away nicely without driving myself crazy. I tried to take a picture of the blanket, but using my computer as a camera proved a little difficult. So instead, here it is, overflowing from the bag.

warm and fuzzy

warm and fuzzy

I’ve been uusing this nice, boring, thin white yarn to stitch the whole thing together. Strong enough to keep it all together, but thin enough that it hides pretty nicely. Perfect project to work on over the coming cool season, hopefully it will grow considerably in the next few weeks, and I’ll be able to post up a better photo.

I thought I had posted about this blanket before, but a quick look turned up nothing- so here’s the back story:

My mum made a similar blanket, and its something that my sister and I have grown up with, and completely fell in love with. In my head its a crazy combo of yarns and shapes. However, a talk with my sister (who currently has possession of the blanket) proved me wrong- mum’s is mostly large squares. I found this out many hexagonal and other non-square shapes later… So my blanket is a little disorganized. My sister is making a blanket at the same time though I think hers is further along than mine. We’ve traded some squares to contribute to each other’s blankets. I really like that the blanket my mom made has turned into something that has been passed down, both the physical blanket and the idea of one. Anyway, its a work in progress that will take quite a lot of time by the end of it, but hopefully will turn into a really great, well loved blanket.