Ugh, I am just lost without my camera. I’ve been scouring Ebay for a new one. Well, not exactly scouring. Quick search and then back to work when the render finished…

I’ve been working away at my patchwork blanket, but of course, no photos to share. I’m trying to get through all my remnants of yarn…. I have so many single balls of lovely lovely fiber, but its not enough to start a large project (I’m eying the buttony sweaters T has been making… I just love them. Perhaps finally something wearable?) but I am trying to be regimented about not buying new yarn till I use up most of my stash. So, while I watch my latest tv-series-addictions at night, I chip away. And thanks to Alexis, soon I’ll be spinning as well as knitting. She gave me a drop spindle starter kit for my birthday. I’m a bit confused by it, but a you-tube instructional video has helped me theoretically figure out what to do. Now I just need to put it in practice.

My tasks:

  1. work through my yarn stash. Make the blanket huge!
  2. buy a new camera to take photos of said blanket.
  3. start on the spinning…
  4. make a tribal dance belt.

I know I just threw the last one in there, but hey, its on my to-do list. My sewing stash is unwieldy and I definitely need to work through it. But its a far more daunting task, so I think I’ll stick with the blanket for now.