An email frog photo from Jaime reminded me of this guy.

If I had the magic powder of Life that Tip had in “The Land of Oz” (, I would make him come alive. He would follow me around, going “grumph, graumph, garumph” when he walked (due to the troubles of walking with three legs, of course) and would bite at the ankles of anyone who was mean to me.

I got him as a joke at a big barn-type antique store… the house my family was staying in for vacation, up in Cooperstown NY, had tons of frogs all over the place. We were going to leave him as a mean joke, cause he definitely didn’t fit in with all the cutesy ones with fishing poles and hats. We got gummy worms, and took pictures with the worms hanging out of his mouth. Over the week that we stayed there, I ended up falling in love with him, and took him home (after talking Eric and my mom into letting me, of course, as they pooled thier dollars to buy him). We did leave a picture of him for the family, though I doubt that they got all the back story.

Now he keeps me company at my desk at home, and keeps all my change nice and safe. Cause who would want to steal from a fanged frog, anyway?