There is a lovely small little bookshop on Fairmont, called Bookhaven. Chris and I have tried to go there quite a few times, but their hours never seemed to work out. I am very glad that over the weekend we finally managed to catch them open. I had no intention of buying anything, but of course, once I saw thier children’s section… goodness! Full of classics! Shel Silverstein. Roald Dahl. The Borrowers, The Railway Children, Grimms… it went on and on. I ended up buying three books. One a Russian fairy tale sort of story (I forget the title right now), “Are All the Giants Dead” and  “The Snow Spider Trilogy”.

The illustration on the cover of “Are All the Giants Dead” helped me figure out how I want my tattoo to look… I’d love for it to be in the style of the books I read as a kid… magical wonderful illustrations that just led you to another world. I haven’t read the story yet, but I’m sure its good. I’m two thirds of the way through “The Snow Spider Trilogy”. Good so far. Overall, the buying trip reminded me what I really like to read… wonderful fantastical stories.