So, Chris’s roomamtes have started leaving the door open. So bugs get in. Last night there were tons of fruit flys. Easy to kill, but so annoying! I vaugely remembered reading somewhere about making a trap with beer and dishsoap, but couldn’t really remember what to do. Internet to the rescue! Called up Alexis, and wiki-behold, she found multiple solutions! The one I settled on was a cider-vinigar trap.

The flies are supposed to go down the funnel and drown or get trapped. It did seem to trap them, but not so much drown. Though, it is possible that the funnel is supposed to get closer to the liquid. I made a smaller one in the kitchen, with less liquid and the funnel closer. Only caught two or three as of this morning, but they were definitely drowned. Cider vinegar is quite pungent though, so don’t know how long the traps will stay out.

Another trap listed was an ‘oven trap’. You are supposed to put some fruit in an open oven, and leave it overnight (seal up any food around). In the morning, close the oven and turn it on high. Make sure to clean the oven afterwards. That one sounds less immediate. I liked watching all the flies go into the trap. Last night I dreampt that all of a sudden tons and tons of them flew in, and made the liquid solid with all thier drowned bodies. Ok, so they aren’t that effective, but did get the bugs to stop annoying us as we tried to watch old Kurt Russell movies (inclding Soldier… what a strange movie that is).