No, I am not actually knitting while at work. But I am indeed bringing my knitting to work. Knit toys that is. My internet at home has been down, so I haven’t been posting pictures, but I’ve been a busy bee indeed. I made a little blue-green guy a few days ago, tried to make a sushi-to-fish inside out toy (used fabric that was too thick, doesn’t really turn right), and made a little red ‘jump bunny‘. I also made one small baby shoe, for the soon-to-come Dulcinea. But, the shoe was too big for a newborn, I discovered I do not have any baby-soft yarn, so ordered some pretty (and relatively cheap, yay!) yarn from Etsy, and plan on restarting the whole project.

Other images of the knit yous-at-work can be found on my office webcam, but here’s a screen grab of the red jump bunny I stayed up until 1:30 AM last night finishing (just one more foot, oh just the ears just one ear left). Got lots of Dr. Who and Gilmore Girls in while knitting away.

Jump Bunny at work