So, I got it in my head to make a new choli, as the ones I made years ago with the fatchancebellydance pattern don’t really fit anymore. I thought, brilliant! I’ll use the dark threads pattern I got at Pennsic and make a real rajasthani choli. I have tons of scraps, perfect.

I made myself some ravioli (yum, jolie ravioli is the best) and thew on Juno and sat down to figure out what fabric I was going to use. And then… the pattern had no piece for the bust. I mean, the instructions said measure, and pick the one that works best… but no pattern piece. I thought, Ok, now what? I pulled out the choli I bought at Pennsic, and after some tracing and investigating, realized it was all made of squares and rectangles. And then I realized I knew that in theory, but had never truely looked at it. I figured cutting out squares was easier than trying to figure out what the pattern for the bust should have been with the other one…

So I ended up with this one. Its still a work in progress, as its now 1:30 AM and I have work tomorrow. I need to edge it, trim the seams and attatch ties. But I think it will fit. It was mostly a lot of gueswork. I traced the orginal, but as it is a little small, I left plenty of space for the seams and a little extra. But thats where i was nervous, cause I thought maybe it would be too big… the true test will be wearing it to dance in, but it needs ties first. I wanted to make it comfortable for dancing, but with a little support, so I couldn’t use a super-light cotton. I have tons of piecey tee-shirts left over from other projects, and the flannel is from the most comfortable pair of PJ pants ever, but they ripped over and over, and now are in the scraps bin. Once I finish the whole thing, I’ll post a picture of it on… if it works out, maybe I’ll even get adventurous and make another solid-colored one and try my hand at embroidery!