So, since I’ve been in Philly I’ve been trying to find a good bellydance class. I went to one in West Philly, at a gym, a few times, but something about it didn’t mesh. The class felt really short, and the teacher, while being nice, didn’t really interact with the students much, and just seemed to check off her list the moves for the day.

Today I finally made it to the class that is only a few blocks away. Something about going to a class the first time is rather intimidating for me. I feel like I’m crashing into someone’s treehouse. I finally decided to go for it, and lo and behold- a rather nice class. I went to the beginners, as I haven’t taken a real class in over two years. The teacher, Valerie, is very nice. Interacts well with the students.

I asked her afterwards why some people teach glut-driven shimmy and hip moves, where as others teach leg driven moves. Its funny, she is of the leg-driven class… and says with glut powered moves, you can’t really layer or move across the floor. My other teachers said exactly the opposite. With your gluts driving the shimmy, you are free to use your legs to move around. I think its probably a combo of both that works the best.

I have to work on traveling movements…. i lock up and lose track of what im doing and suddenly can’t put one foot in front of the other, forget adding a shoulder move. But now that I’ve gotten over the first class, I’ll try to keep going… it’ll be nice to have a class to look forward to.