Yesterday I got back from a short trip to Florida. I went for Mike’s graduation. The ceremony was, as usual, long, and the seats uncomfortable, but the  weather for the weekend was lovely.

We went sailing, I was convinced mike wanted to tip the boat to give me a scare. I think I would do better on a second trip, I was annoyingly anxious about capsizing most of the time. Mike’s sailing friends were very nice, though, and once I was on the hobie cat it was much more relaxing. I got thoroughly soaked, but at least the water was warm.

I wanted to see some manatees, but at the ‘lookout spot’ they were too far away to really see. Turtles and fish, yeah, but no sea cows.

Spent some nice relaxing time on the beach with my father and step-mom… splotchy sunburn, as usual. Nice time to visit Florida, nice weather, warm water etc… but I think if I do it again, it’ll be longer than a weekend.