ok, so i made up that buttonup i bought a few weeks ago, into a dress. not sure i like it. i thought the shirt was longer, and that the sleves would be enough fabric to fillout the skirt. but i forgot about matching up the pattern, figured it would look silly if i miss-matched it, and decided instead to use a t-shirt cast-off to make the skirt. I wanted to ruffle it, but I didn’t think i had enough t-shirt material, as well as not really being sure how to ruffle it. so made a loop with the blue, and stitched it onto the bottom of the shirt. at first it was way too long, so i hemmed it up about half the size… but i don’t know if blue was the right choice for the shirt. pulls too much attention, leaves the top boring looking. i thought about taking the sleeves of the tee to make pockets, but then again, bottom heavy. ug. not sure.

although, either way, i realize i need to get some new tights so i can wear my dresses to work.