1) somehow a fly got in, even though i put a screen on the window. i can just tell, its going to be one of those damn-i-just-missed-it kind of flys…. he’s moving rather quick.

2) started work on my large-mens-buttonup-dress today, sewed the shirt itself, cut of the sleeves, and now i am at an impasse… use the sleeves for lengthening the ‘skirt’ as planned? leave it as a long shirt? ug ug, i don’t know what to do.

3) think i have a plan for my sheep dress. could make it simple, stitch in the seams to make it fit nicer, with a simple a-line skirt… or… still tempted to try something different cause its such a fun fabric. but it isn’t stretchy like most other things i work on, so do i have to think about zippers/buttons? oh no. still in the work-on pile for now.

4) meeting with clients for lunch tomorrow. wanted to wear button-up dress that got distracted by playoffhocky for the finish… what to wear to take advantage of the beautiful weather but still appear ‘professional’? ug ug ug.

5) made serious progress on my ac-office scarf in the last couple days. may finish in the next week or so, exciting!

6) i need to get a flyswatter, this can not last. and need to set up my fan. oh summer, how i thought spring was so lovely.

7) i love it when my internet at home actually works!