What a weekend. Lovely lovely weather! and it was supposed to rain, BAH.

ran around philadelphia (or, biked and walked and drove) to lovely places and spent time under cherry trees taking photographs with Mom’s Rolleicord. I think the 120 film I had had already been exposed, and I wasn’t really sure how to use the camera, but fun anyway.

Cherry Blossoms

This has been a lovely spring so far. Gettng out and biking every day, even if it is just to work, is great. Yeah, I didn’t leave work until 7. But what a killer sunset I might have missed if I had not been riding directly at it. Everything seems to glow these days. Maybe its just the angle of the sun, but its rather nice.

(if you look really closely, you can see the lights in the cira center… it looked like it was sparkling, I swear)