Hip pouch created.

I used a pocket from a skirt that kept ripping, folded it in half and sewed the edges. It slips on to any belt or sash. The blue belt is an awesome leather belt from the VNA, but it was meant to tie and velcro to itself, and either is supposed to be super high on your waist or is too small for me. Either way, I took off the velcro and re-sewed it to make it sling around my hips and correctly fasten without twisting around. I’ve been meaning to do something with that belt for ages, since its a really nice blue. Finally a purpose for it! While I was sewing the pouch I also knocked out a t-shirt modification. Nothing complex, just moved in the seams to make it fit. Its a crazy bright print advertising some horror convention on a heavy black shirt.

I made a big mess when looking for the right thing to make the pouch out of. Bags of scraps and clothing awaiting uses flung around, knocked a glass of water over next to my bed and now the floor is a bit soggy. I’ll have to be more careful next time.

Off to make my lunch for tomorrow and fall asleep reading Anna Karenina.