So, I’m going white water rafting in a few weeks…. woo hoo! And I’m super excited because I finaly get to use this:

waterproof camera

a waterproof (or super resistant anyway) camera! Even the wrist strap is rubber! lovely primary colors all encased in plastic with rubber seals. Exciting.

of course, the whole white-water-rafting will be fun too, but Yay to something I’ve held onto for way too long finally being useful!! I picked it up at the VNA, I think, for 50 cents. I know it was 50 cents for sure because it still had a masking tape pricetag on it. I even found some film to use, one 200 and one 400…. woo hoo!! (I’ve never been whitewater rafting, i’m rather excited about it if you can’t tell)