So, I tried to make an easter dress. Not really for easter, that was just giving myself a deadline. It didn’t really work out as planned, I need to cut new straps and re-sew the zipper, cause it bunches funny. But in trying to make the dress, I realized that I can start altering the big bag of clothes-to-fix.

Anyway, I’ve also been trying to wear more dresses and skirts to work, I get bored with the same button-up-and-jeans combo. So today I decided to head over to the salvation army thrift store a few blocks away and see what I could find. I got this:

salvation army purchases

for $19.17, I got 1)XL blue cotton dress, 1) L man’s button up (future dress alteration to come) and 1)Green summer dress needing no alterations and 1) Robert Palmer album.

I couldn’t try anything on, but over all, a success! Green dress fits great, blue dress worked well to alter. I don’t really like the Robert Palmer album, though.

I turned this: into this:

Looking forward to wearing the green dress, too.

all in all, a rather successful Saturday, I think. Although now I have a big mess in the livingroom to clean up.